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Medicare Cuts

                                                                  MEDICARE PAYMENT CUTS

In December 2010, during the 'lame-duck' Session of the 111th Congress, a '"temporary fix" of the Medicare Reimbursement problem was passed which will last until December 31, 2011.  This "fix" froze Medicare Reimbursement to physicians and hospitals at 2010 levels.  During 2011 the 112th Congress will take up debate regarding future Medicare payments and proposed cuts as part of the overall brewing budget debate.

At issue is a Clinton administration formula passed law called the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). The SGR mandates reimbursement rates for Medicare to be cut on a yearly basis, but Congress has deferred the cuts 9 times since 2003, almost always days before they would take effect.  In 2010, they actually allowed a 20%+ cut to temporarily go through only to reverse their decision weeks later.

As such, if the SGR is not repealed cuts of greater than 30% could occur in 2012.  This would be disastrous not only for physicians and hospitals but for patients as well.  Many doctors will stop seeing Medicare patients- particularly specialists.  Specialty care will HAVE to be sought outside Fairfield County like it or not. 

I have enclosed below the names, addresses and phone numbers of our current politicians in Washington who will debate this issue this year in Congress.  Please be proactive about this issue and take some time to contact them in some form and voice your opinion.   This issue has the potential to wreck serious havoc upon the Senior Citizens in this country, state and county.  Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Please visit the following webste to find the name, address and phone numbers for your particular Senator and Representative.


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