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01/29/2011 - UHC Preferred Designation

United Healthcare has informed Dr. Guisinger his practice has been re-designated as a "Preferred Premium Practice' and will be listed as such in the Enrollment Manuals for 2010-11.  Practices that exhibit excellence in following established treatment guidelines for Preventive Care as well as practicing cost effective management of their patients receive such designation. 

01/21/2011 - Accepting New Patients

Dr. Guisinger does accept New Patients on a Limited basis.  The practice is not accepting new patients with BWC claims, He is accepting new patients with Caresource and Molina insurances.

If interested in possibly seeing Dr. Guisinger please call the office where information for a brief intake form will be taken  over the phone and you will be called shortly after if you are accepted as a new patient.  Dr. Guisinger accepts new patients of all ages.

01/21/2011 - Prior Authorizations

This practice will perform PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS  (P.A.'s) for non-formulary compatible medications on a FAX BASIS only.   We will not perform P.A."s over the telephone either by the request of the pharmacist or the patient.  The average "on hold" time for telephone prior authorizations is 24 minutes- a figure which is beyond the manpower of this practice to handle on a continually efficient basis.

If you find yourself in a position of absolutely not being able to afford a particular medication that is Not Preferred by your particular insurance formulary please follow the below steps.

1)  Research your insurance company's web site formulary or printed brochure formulary manual for a possible alternative that is cheaper.

2)  Discuss or inform Dr. Guisinger the need to switch to a cheaper alternative and provide the name(s) of such alternative possibilities so he may discuss what options are best for you.

3)  In the the event Dr. Guisinger and you agree that switching to a cheaper alternative is not in your best interest and Prior Authorization is mandatory please contact your pharmacist or insurance company and have them fax to Dr. Guisinger  (740-687-1938) a Prior Authorization form and he will be happy to complete and submit.     Once again no P.A.'s will be completed over the phone.

01/03/2011 - Did Not Keep Appointment Fee

This practice has an established policy of no walk-in appointments.  All office visits are by appointment only.  As such Dr. Guisinger strives to give each patient the maximal amount of time appropriate for their visit.  The visit time is based on the history the patient gives when they call for the appointment on the phone or when they leave from their previous appointment.

Dr. Guisinger's practice has been established for many years.  Most days appointments are filled completely by the early morning and so appointment slots are valuable to those patients waiting to see the doctor.  Therefore Dr. Guisinger has a 24-hour notice cancellation policy.  That is, if you cancel your appointment within that time-frame or just do not show for an appointment without cancelling there MAY be a $40-60 charge applied to your account.  This fee will need to be paid before any more appointments are made for you or services rendered on your behalf.

This fee is based on the long observed fact in Dr. Guisinger's practice that Did Not Keep appointments hurt two people simultaneously.  First and foremost, by not informing the practice of your intention not to show for an appointment another patient is denied the opportunity to see the doctor.  Secondly, Dr. Guisinger is not able to solve health care problems that he cannot see so Not Showing for your appointment hurts the individual patient in the long run.


01/03/2011 - Insurance Cards at Times of Service and Co-Pays

As of  2011 this practice will be requiring presentation of your Insurance Card coverage information at EACH office visit.  The card will be matched against Eligibility software data to make sure your coverage is still in force.    Pertinent co-pays and possible deductibles will be screened and confirmed.  We will ask for your Copay and you will be informed of any Outstanding Balances at this time.  You will need to complete these payments before the Doctor will see you.

The practice reserves the right not to see the patient and possibly charge a Did Not Keep Appointment Fee of $40-60 if an appointment has to be cancelled due to the fact that proper insurance coverage verification is not provided at the time of service.

01/01/2011 - No Insurance Verification/ No Service

This practice has a policy of mandatory Insurance Verification before service is provided on the day of service.  That is every patient is required to present if they have insurance coverage a card verifying their elibibility of insurance coverage on the day they seek service.  Failure to produce a card on each visit will result in the patient's appointment time being forfeited and possibly a Did Not Keep Appointment Fee assigned.  It is the responsibility of each patient, as mandated by Insurance Contractual Stipulations, to provide this information to the provider.  Please be aware of the Policy and Responsibility when you plan a visit to the Office.

10/01/2010 - New Billing Company

Dr. Guisinger has engaged a new Billing Company through Medical Group of Ohio based in Columbus to handle all billing and collections activity associated with the practice.  Please direct any questions you may have regarding your bills, balance or EOB's to them at the following number:  Phone 614-566-0107  Fax 614-566-0420

09/03/2010 - Who's Who Award

Dr. Guisinger is proud to announce he has been named to the Who's Who in Family Practice Physician's in the United States.  This prestigious award is announced yearly and is based upon recognition of long-standing excellence in the Art of Family Medicine.

03/02/2009 - Long Term Controlled Substance Policy

Our Practice has had a long standing Policy regarding the prescribing of Long Term Controlled Substances such as Opoid Narcotic Pain medicines, Weight Control medications, Anxiety medications and Attention Deficit Disorder medications.

As such, Dr. Guisinger in the course of prescribing any of these above medication classes on a prolonged basis defined as a period of time greater than 4 weeks may ask the patient in question to sign a Long Term Controlled Substance (LTCS) agreement.   This agreement will outline the various responsibilities the patient has in regards to their medication and the consequences if violation of the agreement occurs.  Patients also agree by default signing of this agreement to submit to random Urine Drug Screening and failure to undergo such testing will result in cessation of the drug therapy in question.

Please direct any questions regarding this area to Dr. Guisinger or his medical staff.

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